Performed – St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall – 25 June 2003


a dance performance project

From standing stones to giants howling in the wind, the myths and legends of Orkney are given a brand new twist by over 90 young people (and some not so young!).

Traditional and newly devised dances create a suite which captures the essence of Orkney at its most elemental.

The Cathedral nave provides a stunning backdrop for the performance which features children from four Orkney schools – Glaitness, Papdale, Rousay and Stenness. Two adult dance groups, a youth choir and young talented musicians.

The 1 hour long piece was commisioned by the St Magnus Festival and was choreographed and directed by Mats Melin and Frank McConnell and all music was composed and/or arranged by Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley.

Earth – Rousay Primary School
Rousay Reel and Hands Across – based on the memories of an old Eightsome Reel danced in Rousay and the Sixsome Reel was once danced in Dounby possibly representing the Click Mill.
Dingieshowe Dancers (a tune for little people that live in the howe)
Jimmy o’ the Bu’s Polka
(J. Spence)

Samantha Marwick’s Solo
Fairy Ring JigsStrollin’ doon da Strynd & Glaitness House

Frank McConnell & Mats Melin – Step & Sword Dance
Keenan’s Welcome
Clumsy Lover
(Neil Dickie)

Traditional adult dancers
Shapinsay Polka – a new polka devised to go with the Shapinsay tune of the same name.
Seksmannsrill – a Norwegian Reel.
Scapa Flow (Ronnie Aim) & Soldiers Joy (Trad.)

Water – Glaitness Primary School
Images of the Peedie Sea and beyond
Eynhallow Sound
Stronsay Weaver
(Pat Shearer)

Contemporary adult dancers
Dingieshowe Dancers and Old Polka

Traditional adult dancers:
St Magnus Reel – a new Country Dance
Brae o’ Scorn (G Harvey)
Sandy Lamb’s Polka (J A S Garson)

Choral piece:
O’er the Blue Water (Trad.)

Wind – Papdale Primary School
Movements representing the wind in all its moods.
Compliments to the Orkney Norway Friendship Association
The Mester Ship

Stenness – Fire:
A sword dance for three followed by various movements to build up the fire
Roseness (Ronnie Aim) (Strathspey)
Churchill Barriers (Ronnie Aim) (March)
Deerness Reel (W Lennie)
Magnus Polska – The dance the polska came to Sweden from Poland in the 1500s. This year it came to Orkney!
Percussive fire building

All the elements in together to create fiery harmony – including polska rhythm, interlacing jigs and a stirring Hullachan’s Reel
Magnus Polska (J Wrigley)
The Swelkie
Stronsay Weaver
(Pat Shearer)

All music composed by Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley unless otherwise stated.
All choreography by Frank McConnell and Mats Melin.